Empty City, Lonely Girl: A Care and Storytelling Event
Curated by Tina Huang
Sunday 31 October
11:30am – 12:30pm

In July of this year, our city was plunged again into lockdown. We have all been isolated. We have all been lonely. Come and listen to three writers tell you their stories of loneliness and connection. Listen, as we all try, to find the words to soothe our collective ache.

Note this event is designed as an audio meditation experience. Prior to the event, participants will be asked to create a warmly lit space for themselves and instructions will be sent on how to do this. Participants will then lie down for the duration of the performance and the session will commence and conclude with a deep breathing exercise to help participants settle.

Meditation instructor: Kylie Hennessy
Storytellers: Nicole Smede and Claire Cao 

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