2019 Program

Time Theatre Rehearsal 2 Rehearsal 1 Gallery Foyer
9:30am Doors open
10:00am  Acknowledgment of Country

  First Languages

With Cathy Craigie, Joel Davison, Cameron Davison, Donna McLaren, and Nardi Simpson.

11:30am  Growing Up in Australia

 Jack Latimore, Alice Pung, Sara Saleh and Ahmed Yussuf in conversation with Benjamin Law.

12:30pm Book signings in the courtyard

 Find Your Audience

 With Joanne Kee, Shalini Kunahlan, Andrew Brooks and Miranda Aguilar.


Artist Talk – Mother Tongues

Three local visual artists discuss their exploration of language and identity, following a residency at Bankstown Arts Centre’s Incubate Studios.

1:30pm Sweatshop Women

With Winnie DunnDivya Venkataraman, Ferdous Bahar, Janette Chen and Phoebe Grainer.


 Show Me the Money

With representatives from the Australia Council for the Arts, Create NSW, Copyright Agency, and Screen Australia in conversation with Miles Merrill.

 Other Worlds

Eugen Bacon, Hannah Donnelly and Khalid Warsame in conversation with Roanna Gonsalves.


 Mother Tongues

Sarah Ayoub, Kiriaki Koubaroulis and Audrey Newton in conversation with Sheila Ngoc Pham. Presented by Bankstown Arts Centre.

4:30pm Book signings in the courtyard

Sex, Drugs and Pork Rolls

Directed by Michael Mohammed Ahmad and featuring Emily Havea, Andy Trieu, HaiHa Le and Tasnim Hossain. Presented by Sweatshop: Western Sydney Literacy Movement.

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